The Good Life Newsletter - June 2023

The 2023-2024 Executive

President Sylvia Malthouse
Secretary Geri Sumner
Treasurer Mike Ireland
Past President Les Ellis
Membership Ellen Ellis
Heritage Nelson Allen
Programs Jacque Thompson
Catering Tricia Barnes
Sunshine Cheryle Sosnowski
Member at Large Carol Baird-Krul
News Les Ellis
Website Mike Ireland


President’s Report 2023

Previous to COVID our To Hell With the Bell celebration was a breakfast in a room at a local restaurant.  Space was limited so it was attended by new retirees, the association executive and previous retirees who brought a new retiree with them.  Keeping the same attendance format, with the arrival of COVID, we switched to an outdoor boxed lunch provided by the caterers who do our regular lunches throughout the year.  This September, because of the easing of restrictions, we invited all of our members to join the new retirees for an outdoor box lunch.  The weather cooperated and we had the largest turnout for To Hell With The Bell in more than a decade. (We did have an indoor contingency plan if it was needed.)....

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The Good Life Newsletter - June 2023

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