Skipsey Educational Heritage Collectionn

During the seasonal festivities of 1985 Les Skipsey and Gavin Halkett, both retired teachers, realized what a rich and varied educational history Nanaimo has and so began the story of our important and impressive Skipsey Educational Heritage Collection.

Of significance to the local communities are the files of schools from the mid-Vancouver Island region, past and present. As well, the Collection houses one of Western Canada’s most complete collections of educational texts dating back to the 1800s.  A third and equally important component of the Skipsey Educational Heritage Collection is the various memorabilia, priceless artifacts, old photographs and early teaching aids. What began as a collection of bits and pieces stored in boxes eventually grew into a true library/museum where the 3,000 items could be displayed and studied by interested parties. Over the years several catalogues of the growing Collection were done until eventually it was decided that it should be put on a database and made available to the School District and community at large. 

The Branch advocates for public education locally and provincially, as well as, for the welfare of retired teachers and seniors. NLRTA members are extremely active and volunteer for a variety of groups, both in the local area and overseas. Our Branch has a regular newsletter and a List Serve for the dissemination of important information. The Executive meet every second month. Four catered lunches are held throughout the year giving members the opportunity to visit with former colleagues and new friends, while being entertained by a wide variety of groups. It’s a pleasant, relaxed group and any retired educator is welcome to attend the lunches.

h2.jpgLes Skipsey and Gavin Halkett, the founders of the collection

h1.jpgMary Skipsey, a major contributor to collection